What would have to be true?

A key strategic question for the learning industry is, “what would have to be true for learning to realize its potential?”

One answer is

A lack of barriers to the use of instructionally sound learning techniques by anyone, for everyone. Learning Blocks is our concept design for a solution. Design brief and two examples including application examples are available for download here.

Design Experiment Final (pdf)

Another answer is…

An open and shared skills map. I believe this  is critical to meeting the challenges faced by the world’s economies.  This one-pager hits the pillars of the argument.

Workforce Genome Project

Your L&D organization is a Startup

For corporate learning innovators who want to build organizations that deliver next level value. Running Training Like a Startup is the application of the disruptive practices of successful startups to L&D.

Feel free to download and share.

V2 Notes

This update includes an all new forward by Running Training Like a Business co-author David Van Adelsberg ! V2 also includes minor content expansions, clarifications based on feedback and questions to date, the usual grammatical/typo/formatting fixes from V1 as well as a picture of me and my dog Charlie.

Running Training Like A Startup v2

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