Edward Trolley

Co-Author Running Training Like a Business

I don’t know much about startups as I have never worked in or with one but J. Miguez does and has.  He has worked in the startup space for many years and has developed a keen understanding of how they operate, what is important for success, what are the challenges they face, how they deal with the challenges, what makes them succeed and what makes them fail.  

J. and I have spoken many times about what startups do that could apply to this new world of corporate training and its need to transform.  He has convinced me that there are many parallels to what happens with startups as they move from inception to full on mature operations and corporate training as it moves from understanding the need to transform and actually transforming and that there are many lessons to be learned and approaches to be considered as training transforms itself into a value-creating machine. 

In this book, J. walks us thru the life of a startup and along the way, makes the connections to training.  He starts, of course, with the founder who in the training world is the CLO.  In J.’s words, “Just as the success of a startup is reliant on its founder, the success of the transformation of L&D depends on its leaders acknowledging the need for transformation and then taking on the role of the founders of the new L&D.”  He puts us into the mind of a founder or entrepreneur.  He tells us that, for them, problems are puzzles to be solved, not pain to be suffered and that they are able to start with the end in mind regardless of how daunting the leap to get there.  They are curious, have an insatiable drive to deliver and have a high degree of urgency.  Wow, if only CLO’s could walk in a founder’s shoes. 

This book tells a complete story of what makes startups tick and what could make training tick.  He laces the book with many stories from his experiences working with and talking to founders and they add a great deal of credibility to his big idea of Running Training Like a Startup. I am thrilled that J. has not thrown away the concepts of Running Training Like a Business but instead, has built on them and introduced new dimensions that make so much sense, I wish we had written about them 19 years ago. 

I encourage all of you who are in need of transforming your training (every CLO?) to read this book and apply some or all of what it talks about to your situation.  You and your company will be better off for it!

-Edward Trolley

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