Who’s the Boss?

This article referencing data from McKinsey hits on an important point regarding the importance of governance.  If we (as an industry) can figure out a solid  model for the governance of L&D, I am all for it.  But after two decades of hearing “we need a seat at table,” I am bored and a bit pissed. It is time to be bold and loud and get fired.  I address governance in the book but more importantly this article highlights why we have to get it. Credibility, resources and respect flow from having EARNED the right with senior sponsors.

I proposed three levels of of governance ( strategic, tactical and specific) but I seriously don’t care. The goal is connecting to the business. The goal is understanding the business. I remember Ed Trolley calling this disconnect out  by always asking learning leaders  whether, “if the company goes out of business, are you (L&D) sill around?”  The L&D organization is part of a larger whole and thinking any other way is dangerous.

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